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phpAdsNew Web Hosting Information

phpAdsNew allows you to place banners on your website and lets you manage your banners in a professional way. phpAdsNew is a highly professional complete ad server featuring different types of ads, display based on keywords, zones, hour of the day, day of the week, extensive statistics, client statistics.

phpAdsNew web hosting provides different types of ads
  • Manage, deliver and track banner of any size, pop-ups, text ads and many different types of rich media ads.
  • Full support of tracking Flash banners, either by using the MFAA clickTAG standard or by using phpAdsNew' own unique method, which allows tracking of regular Flash files even when they aren't specially prepared.
  • Integrate your third party ads from banner networks. You can even run them together with your regular and in-house banners.
  • Store your local banners in the MySQL database, store them in your local file system or automatically upload them to an external web server by using FTP.

phpAdsNew web hosting provides flexible delivery of banners

  • Deliver banners by using zones or based on keywords, size or banner id.
  • Banners can be delivered by using different types of invocation codes, including JavaScript, Iframes and PHP. It is even possible to use XML-RPC which allows you to integrate phpAdsNew with other server architectures or applications.
  • Deliver banners to multiple websites, even websites which aren't running a server side scripting environment.

phpAdsNew web hosting provides smart banner rotation

  • Distribute banner impressions evenly over each hour of the day and evenly over multiple days.
  • It is possible to let campaigns run without any limitations, an activation and expiration date, a maximum number of impressions or clicks, or a combination of both.

phpAdsNew web hosting provides a method to target different factors

  • Target campaigns by weekday, hour of the day, keywords, browser, operating system, domain name and IP addresses.
  • Create very specific targeting rules by combining different targets with logical operators.
  • Support for targeting by country or continent, by using the optional MaxMind GeoIP or IP2Country database, which can be bought separately.

phpAdsNew web hosting provides extensive statistics

  • Extensive real-time statistics for both advertisers and publishers.
  • View daily, weekly, monthly and overall statistics for advertisers, campaigns, banners, publishers and zones.
  • Clients can login and view their statistics or export it as CSV for use in other applications.
  • Automatically send statistics to advertisers via e-mail.


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  phpAdsNew Web Hosting Example

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