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Backordering domain names are covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Backorder Domain Names

Why backorder domain names that I didn't register?

Backordering domain names that you did not register can be useful if you want to own a few domain names that are already registered by other people.

DomainAlert Pro keeps you in the loop on domains' expiration dates and any changes to their status—and if and when the desired domain names become available, DomainAlert Pro will backorder the domain names immediately for you.

When can I register an expired domain name?

Most registrars allow a grace period after a domain name expires for the registrant to renew it. That grace period can be as short as one to two weeks or as long as one year in some cases. If the current registrant does not renew it within the allotted time frame, then that domain name should become available. The actual grace period is different for each individual registrar. Once they release the domain name, you will be able to register it through us. If you backorder domain names using our DomainAlert Pro service, we will attempt to register the domain names for you as soon as they become available.

What does the status of domain names mean?

There are 23 domain status codes that you may come across when using the DomainAlert Pro service that allows you to backorder domain names. This is not as complex as it sounds. Most of these statuses are variations of a few basic states.

Let’s start with the basics. A domain can be ACTIVE or OK. This is the normal state for a domain name. Domains can also be placed in a LOCK or HOLD status. The registrant of a domain name might do this to prevent its settings from being casually altered by his or her associates.

Complete list of domain name status codes.

What is DomainAlert Pro Backordering?

DomainAlert Pro allow you to monitor and backorder domain names even if the domain names are already registered by other people. Once an expired domain name is released and made available for registration, DomainAlert Pro will automatically register the domain name for you.

A DomainAlert Pro account also includes the ability to track and notify you of any changes to a monitored domain's registrar, status, expiration date, or nameservers.

Many registrar's put domain names up for auction once domain names have expired. Should backordered domain names go to auction at The Domain Name Aftermarket, your backorder domain names cost is used to place the opening bid. If nobody else places a bid on the name, the domain is awarded to you, subject to rights of the previous domain holder. If somebody else bids on the name, you receive an outbid notice and are given the chance to raise your bid on the name or move your backorder to another name.

Am I guaranteed registration of a domain name using DomainAlert Pro Backordering?

Tracking domain names can be useful if you want to backorder domain names that happen to be registered by someone else. DomainAlert Backordering keeps you in the loop on domains' expiration date and any changes to their status—and if and when the desired domain names becomes available, the service immediately attempts to register them for you. It is possible for the owner of the domain to renew their domain name registration during the redemption period.

If a backordered domain name becomes available, but our service fails to acquire it due to the owner redeeming the domain name during the redemption period for example, you can monitor another domain name by reassigning the backordering domain names account to another domain name. In the event of an unsuccessful acquisition attempt, DomainAlert Pro notifies you by email. You can then apply the backordering service to another domain name.

Setting up DomainAlert Pro Backordering

To backorder domain names

  1. Log or create an account at our domain name registration site.

  2. Under the Domain Names section, select Domain Monitoring/Backordering.

  3. Click Set up Account to monitor a domain.

  4. In the Domain Name field, type the domain name you want to monitor.

  5. In the Email Address fields, type the addresses that you want to use for domain monitoring notifications.

  6. If you want DomainAlert to send you a weekly email message, even if there were no changes to the domain that you are monitoring, select the Check to send emails even if there's no change check box under your email addresses.

  7. Click Save.

What is DomainAlert Pro Investor’s Edge?

DomainAlert Pro Investor's Edge is a monthly subscription service that allows you to review a list of more than 95,000 expiring domain names. All the names on this power list are updated daily. You can backorder domain names on this list the moment you see it. So, not only do you have the edge of knowing what will soon be available, you can place your order right away.


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