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Our Cheap Merchant Accounts are covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Cheap Merchant Accounts

Are there requirements to apply for cheap merchant accounts?

The following requirements must be met to apply for cheap merchant accounts.

  • Your Web site must be published to the Internet ("live").

  • Your DBA ("doing business as" or business name) must be on your Web site.

  • You must list your products and prices on your Web site.

  • You must provide your return/refund policy on your Web site.

  • You must provide your shipping methods on your Web site.

  • You must provide your privacy policy on your Web site.

  • You must provide your customer service contact phone number on your Web site.

  • Your shopping cart must be working and secure (but it will not process).

Do I need a business checking account to apply for cheap merchant accounts?

Depending on your business structure, you may be required to open a business checking account. For more information, please contact your merchant account provider.

payQuake (866) 443-8367 or (480) 813-8687

What fees will I be charged for cheap merchant accounts?

There is a one time, non-refundable application fee to process applications for cheap merchant accounts.

  • Application Fee - $89

  • Discount Rate* 2.59% per transaction

  • Authorization Fees - .35 cents per transaction

  • Monthly Gateway Fee - $5.00

  • Monthly Statement Fee $15.00

*Discount rate may vary

What information do I need to apply for cheap merchant accounts?

You need the following information to apply for cheap merchant accounts.

  • The social security number, Driver's License Number, and contact information of the principals of your business.

  • The Bank Account and Routing Numbers of the Checking Account used for your business.

  • Information about your business, including a Tax ID or social security number, and location information.

What happens after I fill out the Cheap Merchant Accounts paperwork?

After completing the online application, you will receive information from your provider within 72 hours. This information could be a request for more information and/or a decision on your merchant account application.

What do I do after I've purchased my cheap merchant account?

After purchasing a merchant account, you must complete the online application through the cheap merchant accounts provider to qualify for the merchant account.

  1. Log at the domain name registration home page.

  2. From the Other Stuff menu, click Cheap Merchant Accounts.

  3. In the Application Name list, click the hyperlink for hosting your account with us or hosting your account with a third party.

  4. Completely fill out the online application.

Contact your Cheap Merchant Accounts provider directly if you have any questions regarding the application or the status of your application.

payQuake (866) 443-8367 or (480) 813-8687

Whom can I call for help with cheap merchant accounts?

Once you have clicked the Setup link in your account, all support questions will go to your merchant accounts provider.

payQuake (866) 443-8367 or (480) 813-8687

Can I use your cheap merchant accounts if I host my domain through a different company?

Yes, you may host with another company and still use our cheap merchant accounts.


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