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 Cheap Online Stores are covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Online Stores

What is the Online Store feature?

Online Stores help you quickly and easily build a professional, high-quality store that you can host anywhere you choose; either as its own dedicated Web site (www.your-domain.ext) or as a sub-domain linked from your existing Web site (www.your-domain.ext). All you need is a domain name.

You can design the look of your Quick Online Stores; add products to your catalog; and select shipping, payment, and tax options. After you set up your online store, you can publish it, and you're in business. There are several plan options designed to meet the needs of any size online business.

System Requirements for Online Stores

With online stores you can design, build, publish, and manage your store; all you need is an Internet connection and Web browser.

Browser Requirements:  To use Quick Online Stores to build your storefront, please ensure you are using one of the following Web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (6.0 recommended)

  • Netscape® 7.2 or later

Customers will be able to view your storefront using any Web browser

Supported Payment Gateways:  The online stores application supports the following payment gateways for processing credit card transactions:

  • Authorize.Net

  • Innovative Merchant Services (IMS)

Other Requirements:  To accept credit cards, whether online through a payment gateway or offline through your point of sale (POS) terminal, your storefront must be protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate.

To process credit cards online so that the money is deposited automatically into your bank account, you need an SSL Certificate for your online store, a payment gateway and a merchant account.

If you use PayPal for credit card and other payment processing, you are not required to have an SSL Certificate, payment gateway or merchant account.

Do I have to have an SSL Certificate for to use online stores?

If you are planning to accept credit cards, either through a payment gateway or using a POS (Point Of Sale) credit card machine, then you must have an SSL Certificate for your site. This is to ensure the security of your site when handling your customers' personal and credit card information.

If you are not planning to accept credit cards through a payment gateway or using a POS, then you do not have to have an SSL Certificate.

Can I accept credit card payments from customers located outside of the US?

Online stores only support pricing in U.S. Dollars, and you can only enter tax rates for U.S. states. Furthermore, any billing address entered for an order must be located within the United States. However, if you enter a flat tax for your products you have two options:

  • You can use a PayPal Account to process your credit card payments.

  • If you have a POS terminal at your “brick and mortar” location, your customers can use the “Print and Call” option to place their orders and then call you with their credit card information so that you can process their payment through your POS terminal.

Can I accept credit card payments from customers if I am located outside of the US?

Online stores only support pricing in U.S. Dollars and tax rates for U.S. states. To accept credit card payments if you are located outside of the United States, you can use a PayPal Account. If you have a POS terminal at your “brick and mortar” location, you can process a payment through your POS terminal using the "Print and Call" option where customers can place their orders and call you with their credit card information.

Does my Quick Online Store help detect fraudulent orders?

Several features of Quick Online Stores help online merchants detect and act on fraudulent orders, including:

  • Address Verification - All credit card payments include "AVS" address verification. Address Verification Service (AVS) helps merchants who accept online transactions reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by matching the cardholder's billing address with the billing address entered by the shopper in Quick Online Stores. If the addresses match, AVS verification passes.

  • Card Verification – The CVV number is the 3-4 digit verification number located on the back of your credit card. This number is not generally available to thieves who steal credit card numbers because the usually don’t have the actual credit cards. CVV Verification matches the number on file for the card with the number entered by the shopper in Quick Online Stores. If the numbers match, CVV verification passes.

  • Fraud Rules - The new Fraud Rules in Quick Online Stores allow you to apply common rules to orders and automatically check orders as they come in. Orders are marked as potentially fraudulent if they break any of the applied rules, allowing you to review potentially fraudulent orders and decide whether to complete or cancel the order.

  • Conditional availability of downloadable products - Quick Online Stores allows you to specify if you want downloadable products to be available to customers as soon as they place a credit card order or not until after you have verified the order and processed payment.

How do my customers access my online stores?

If you set up your Quick Online Stores as a Dedicated Domain, your customers access your online store by entering your domain name in the address bar of their browser, for example, www.your-domain.ext.

If you set up your Quick Online Stores as a Sub-Domain, you add a link on your Web site that will lead your customers to the sub-domain for your store, such as shop.your-domain.ext. Your customers can also access your store by entering the URL of the store (www.your-domain.ext).

How do I configure my online store to use my Innovative Merchant Account?

Setup the Innovative Merchant Account to accept requests from IP address


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