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How to generate traffic to your site is covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Generate Traffic

How do I generate traffic to my Web site?

Most Web site traffic is generated by search engines and Web directories. Traffic Blazer helps you optimize and submit your Web site content to key search engines and directories, thus enabling you to generate traffic flow to your site.

How do I get my Web site content listed in the major search engines?

In order to get your Web site page(s) listed in the Internet's leading search engines, you can submit the applicable URL(s) directly to the search engines in question, thus ensuring that the search engines' spiders will visit, review and consider the page(s) for indexation next time they crawl the Web. Most search engines unleash their spiders once a month. If external pages link to page(s) on your Web site, the spiders most likely will find and visit your Web site anyway. Direct submission, however, might speed up the process.

The Traffic Blazer search engine optimization and submission tool facilitates the search engine submission process by providing automated submission to dozens of leading search engines and Web directories, as well as enabling quick, manual submission to more than 200 other engines and directories, including regional and blog-specific engines. Traffic Blazer further helps you position your Web page(s) for top search engine rankings by providing a broad selection of advanced search engine optimization, reporting and Web site analysis tools. All of these tools provided by Traffic Blazer helps you generate traffic flow to your site.

What is Traffic Blazer?

Traffic Blazer is a service designed to generate traffic to your Web site by helping you prepare, optimize, and submit your Web page to key Internet search engines and directories. According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of Web users reach their destination through Internet search engines and directories, while research from Jupiter Media Metrix shows that 70% of all online purchases originate from a search-engine search. This means that despite more than 400 million Web searches every day only select few Internet users visit Web sites that are not listed with leading search engines and directories. Given the influence and reach of search engines and directories, search engine optimization and search engine submission are key ingredients in successful online marketing. Traffic Blazer provides you with tools that will help you generate traffic to your site.

How many search engines and directories does Traffic Blazer submit my URL to?

Traffic Blazer enables you to submit your Web site content to the t than 200 useful search engines and directories from across the world which will help generate traffic to your site.

Why should I use Traffic Blazer?

You should use Traffic Blazer because the most effective way to promote your Web site online is to optimize and submit it to leading search engines and directories. Web sites that are not listed with search engines remain de facto invisible to the vast majority of Internet users.

Search engines tend to look for particular Web page content and construction when spidering and indexing Web sites. The absence of certain attributes, or the over-prevalence of other attributes, can seriously impact your ability to achieve Web site listing and subsequent ranking success. Traffic Blazer provides you with tools that will help you generate traffic to your site. Traffic Blazer provides expert site analysis and thorough instructions on how to optimize your site or remedy problems. Traffic Blazer further enables you to submit your optimized site to dozens of key search engines and directories in one convenient location. Manual research and submission to the scores of Internet search engines and directories is otherwise a time-consuming and often confusing proposition.

Will my Web site be ranked high in the search engines if I use Traffic Blazer?

Because search engines use proprietary ranking algorithms, and Web directories rely on human editors, there is no guarantee that your Web site will attain a high ranking with a particular search engine or directory. The ultimate decision lies entirely with the search engine/directory. However, you can use the abundant Traffic Blazer optimization and reporting tools to refine your site content and thus improve your chances of having your site listed and highly ranked in the search engines it is listed with. Traffic Blazer also contains comprehensive tutorials on search engines, search engine submission and search engine optimization all of which will help generate traffic to your site.


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