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Our Mailing Lists service is covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Mailing Lists

What is Express Email Marketing?

Express Email Marketing is an online service that helps you connect with your customers, members and contacts through permission-based mailing lists. Express Email Marketing helps you build and maintain 100% permission-based mailing lists, nurture customer relationships, and grow your business through the scheduled delivery of email newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other targeted email campaigns.

What is permission-based mailing lists?

Permission-based mailing lists are e-mails that are only sent to people who want it in contrast to unsolicited email or spam. This definition is typically expanded to mean that every person that you send an email message to has given their direct permission for you to do so.

Many people, and certainly email marketers, have varying definitions of what exactly constitutes permission-based email. Express Email Marketing defines permission-based mailing lists as meaning that the recipient clearly and specifically granted permission for you to send emails to them. The basic characteristic of direct permission is that the recipient had to, at some point, opt in and join your subscriber list. Express Email Marketing lets you create an opt-in list by allowing you to create and place on the Internet a sign-up form that subscribers can use to join your mailing list.

With Express Email Marketing, you can take the concept of permission-based mailing lists one step further by enabling a confirmed opt-in policy for building your subscriber list. Enabling the confirmed opt-in option in Express Email Marketing automatically sends each new subscriber a confirmation email message that they must respond to in order to be included in the subscriber list. This policy guards against the possibility that the new subscriber was added by a third party without their knowledge or permission. The confirmation email message contains a link that the subscriber must click in order to confirm that they do in fact want their email address added to your mailing list.

A confirmed opt-in policy is the strictest method of maintaining permission-based mailing lists. However, requiring that the new subscriber confirm their desire to join your list adds another step to the process and may result in the loss of a portion of the new subscribers who do not respond to the confirmation email message.

What do I have to do to comply with anti-spam legislation?

The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 (Can-Spam Act) went into effect January 1, 2004 and is the primary legislation governing spam. Click for more information about the Can-Spam Act of 2003.

We suggest you read the full text of this important legislation and obtain more information from electronic marketing organizations before engaging in email marketing.

In general, your responsibilities include:

  • avoid providing false, misleading, or deceptive Subject lines in your campaigns,

  • do not provide a false or fraudulent company name, Reply-To address, or physical address, and

  • ensure that all members of your subscriber list have given you direct or conspicuous consent to include them in your subscriber list.

Does Express Email Marketing help me comply with anti-spam legislation?

Express Email Marketing is designed to aid you in complying with the new federal anti-spam legislation, however, compliance is your responsibility. Only you can fully protect yourself by ensuring your marketing practices don't violate this important legislation.

Express Email Marketing helps aid compliance by:

  • adding company name and address information to mailing lists,

  • providing Unsubscribe (opt-out mechanism) and Report Spam Abuse links in mailing lists,

  • prohibiting misleading header information,

  • clearly identifying and validating the From Address and source of the email, the subscriber and date of subscription, and

  • automatically removing subscribers upon request.

In addition to supporting anti-spam legislation, Express Email Marketing also provides a spam analysis tool that looks for words or phrases in your campaign that may be considered as spam by some spam filtering products and email systems.

What is an Express Email Marketing survey?

An Express Email Marketing survey is a Web page containing a series of questions that you define. You can invite individuals to participate in a survey in order to generate customer feedback, marketing information, or just as a fun way for people to interact.

The Express Email Marketing program collects and processes the responses to surveys you create and the results are available in the Response Analyzer under Survey Response.

Which Express Email Marketing plan is right for me?

Express Email Marketing lets you choose the plan that is right for you and your business. All plans are based on volume, that is, the number of email messages you send each month. You can create as many different campaigns as you like; your plan determines how many email messages can be sent in a given month, whether from a single campaign or several.

Choose from one of these plans:

  • Basic: If you are just starting an email marketing program and have a relatively small mailing list of customers, we suggest you start off with the low volume plan that that allows you to send up to 250 emails per year.

  • Economy: If your mailing list is larger, or if you plan on sending several campaigns in a given month, you may want to consider our low-medium volume plan that offers 5,000 campaign mailings per year.

  • Deluxe: If your mailing list is well established, or you run multiple mailing lists simultaneously, the medium volume plan is for you. The plan offers a generous 10,000 mailings.

  • Premium: For organizations that expect to send a large volume of campaign mailings, we offer a plan that supports 25,000 mailings per year.


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