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Our private domain name registrations, sometimes referred to as anonymous domain name registrations, are covered in this section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This section will answer your private domain name registration questions.


Private Domain Name Registrations

What is private domain name registrations?

Information listed on your domain name has to be made publicly available per Registrar’s agreement with ICANN, the international governing body of domain names. Using false information will violate the registration agreement and lead to the termination of your domain registration.

However, there is a solution to help protect your privacy. You can register your domain name with us using our private domain name registrations service. This service will make the domain name contact record anonymous to the public.

When you purchase our private domain registrations service, the WHO-IS directory will list Domains By Proxy’s name, postal address and phone number instead of yours. Although Domains By Proxy is the Registrant of your domain name registration, you still retain the full benefits of domain registration. You can:

  • Cancel, sell, or transfer your domain name registrations.

  • Revert the Registrant listing for your domain name registrations back to you.

  • Renew your domain name registrations when they expire.

  • Designate the nameservers for your domains.

  • Resolve claims arising out of a dispute involving your domain name registrations.

More importantly, with a private domain name registration, Domain By Proxy’s name, address and phone number are made publicly available in the WHOIS directory--and not yours.

Should I enter valid contact information when registering a domain name?

ICANN, the governing body for domain names, requires valid Contact Information for each domain contact (Registrant, Technical, Billing, and Administrative).

If you enter false information, your domain name will be cancelled. This is why anonymous domain name registrations are necessary for anyone who needs their contact information to remain anonymous.

Adding Privacy to Your Domains

You can add privacy to your existing domain names using the Manage Domains section after logging in at our domain name registration site.

To Add Privacy to Your Existing Domains

  1. Log in at our domain name registration site.

  2. Under the Domain Names section, select Manage Domains.

  3. Next to the domain name you want to modify, click Add Privacy.

  4. In the Add Privacy section on the right, select whether you want to Use Existing Private Domain Name Registrations Account or Create a New Private Domain Name Registrations Account.

  5. Review the Domain Name Proxy Agreement and select the check box to verify that you agree with the Domain Name Proxy Agreement.

  6. Click Proceed to Checkout and continue through the checkout process.

Making a Transferred Domain Private

The domain transfer must be complete before you can add privacy.

To Make Your Domain Private

  1. Log in at our domain name registration site.

  2. From the Domain Names menu, click Manage Domains.

  3. Select the check box for the domain you want to make private.

  4. Click the Add Privacy hyperlink.

  5. In the right panel, complete the requested information, and then click Proceed to Checkout.

Making a Backordered Domain Private

You can make your backorder private and keep your personal identifying information (name, phone number, email and home addresses) shielded from public exposure in the WHOIS directory from the very moment the you successfully acquire your backordered domain.

Again, if your backorder is not successful, it can be reassigned to another domain name. If your unsuccessful backorder is private, your private domain name registrations can be applied to any other backorder.

To Make a Backordered Domain Private

  1. Log in to at our domain name registration site.

  2. From the Domain Names menu, click Monitoring and Backordering.

  3. Next to the domain name that you have backordered, click the Make this Domain Private hyperlink.

  4. Select Yes! Protect my personal information and make this backorder private.

  5. Click Proceed to Checkout and follow the checkout process to purchase privacy for your backorder.


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