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Transferring domain names are covered in this section of our Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).


Transfer Domain Names

Transferring Domain Names

To transfer domain names often takes five days or less, but transfers may take up to seven days to complete. To transfer domain names, we need some assistance from you.

Transfer Domain Names Process:

  1. You should advise your administrative contact that the domain name is being transferred.

  2. We send an email message to your administrative contact by the next business day to request transfer approval.

  3. When this acceptance is received, we send a transfer request to the registry.

  4. The registry sends an email message to your current registrar.

  5. Most likely, your current registrar sends your administrative contact an email message to ask for your approval of the transfer to our registry. Please respond as directed.

  6. Your current registrar sends an acceptance or rejection notice to the registry.

  7. The registry sends an email notice of the acceptance or rejection to us.

  8. We send you an email message to inform you that the transfer is complete. Should the transfer fail, we will inform you.

Does transferring domain names forfeit time left on the registration period?

No. When you transfer domain names to us, one year will be added to the existing registration period.

Can I transfer domain names that have already expired to you?

No, domains must be current to transfer the registration. If your old registrar has released the domains, you can register them through us. Most likely your old registrar has placed a 45 day hold on the domains in the hope that you will renew with them.

If you do renew through your old registrar, you will be unable to transfer your domains for 60 days (it is treated like a new domain). You may petition your registrar to release the domains so that you can register them elsewhere, but then you would risk losing the domain names. Services like Snapnames exist to grab up popular domains as soon as they become available.

The best thing to do at this point is to renew the domains through your old registrar. Then, once 60 days have passed, we hope you will consider transferring the domains to us. Any time you purchased with your old registrar transfers with your domains.

When can I transfer domain names to you?

  • ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names that have been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.

  • Most registrars do not allow transferring domain names that are within 10 days of expiration or that have already expired. If your domain name is within 10 days of expiration or has already expired, we recommend that you first renew your domain with your current registrar.

  • When a domain name expires, it enters a 45 day grace period during which it may still be renewed. However, if you renew your domain name during this grace period you may still be prevented from transferring it until the full 45 days have passed. Check with your current registrar regarding their renewal and transfer policies during this grace period.

  • If a domain name is locked at the registry, it is unavailable for transfer. Check with your current registrar to see if your domain is locked.

  • If your domain is already registered here, then it cannot be transferred to us.

  • Some registries restrict the use of profanity in the domain name; this could also restrict a transfer.

What domain extensions can I transfer?

We can transfer domains with the following extensions:

  • .COM

  • .NET

  • .ORG

  • .BIZ

  • .US

  • .INFO

  • .NAME

How can I transfer domain names and register them for more than one year?

Transferring domain names from one registrar to another include one year extensions. This means your expiration date is increased by one year once the transfer is completed successfully. This is an ICANN rule which all registrars follow.

Once your transfer is complete, you can renew your domain name with us for up to ten years at great low renewal rates anytime.

What is my Auth Code or Authorization Code?

Transferring domain names with a .org, .biz, .us, .info, or .name extension, requires that you confirm an auth code or authorization code. The auth code is unique to each domain name and is assigned by the registrar at the time of registration. You need to provide us with this auth code if you want to transfer a domain to us. We do not have access to your domain auth codes if you did not register the name here. These must be recovered at your current registrar. Once your transfer is complete, we store your auth code securely with your domain information.

Current registries assigning auth codes are: Publice Interest Registry (the .ORG Registry), Afilias (the .INFO Registry), NeuLevel (the .BIZ Registry), and NeuStar (the .US Registry).

Auth codes provide an extra level of security for your domain names.

When you register a NEW .info, .biz, .us, or .name with us, we store and maintain your auth code.

How long do domain name registrar transfers take?

Transferring domain names often takes five days or less. There are two steps you can take now to reduce the transfer time:

  • Verify that the email address for the domain name's administrative contact at your current registrar is correct. This is the address we are required to contact to request approval for the transfer.

  • Advise the administrative contact that the domain name is being transferred and to expect our request for approval.

What should I do if my domain transfer failed?

Please contact your current registrar for more information. We request domain name transfers, but they can be denied by the current registrar. If your name was on hold and has been released by your current registrar, please contact us to resubmit your transfer.

What do I need to do in order to transfer domains from to you?

  • We can accept transfers from any registrar. Please be aware that each registrar has a different policy for approving the transfers.

  • With you are sent an email message when they receive our transfer request. You have three (3) days to reply to that email message, either approving or denying the transfer, or automatically denies the transfer. This is a policy of and we have no control over it.

  • Check with your individual registrar regarding their policy concerning transfers.
    You need to start your transfer at least 10 days before your domain registration expires, or the transfer may not be successful. If your domain name expires during the transfer process, we cannot complete it.

  • Also note that ICANN regulations prohibit transferring a domain name that has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.

Making a Transferred Domain Private

Domain name transfers must be complete before you can add privacy.

To Make Your Domain Name Private

  1. Log in at the domain name registration home page.

  2. From the Domain Names menu, click Manage Domains.

  3. Select the check box for the domain you want to make private.

  4. Click the Add Privacy hyperlink.

  5. In the right panel, complete the requested information, and then click Proceed to Checkout.

How do I change registrant of a domain name for free?

When you change the registrant on a domain name, it removes the domain name from your list of registered domains and places it in the new registrant's account.

To complete the change of registration process, the new registrant must complete a set of instructions that they will receive by email.

To Change the Registrant of a Domain

  1. Log in at the domain name registration home page.

  2. Under the Domains Name section, select Manage Domains.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the domain name you want to transfer.

  4. At the top of the Manage Domains section, click the Change Account button.

  5. Under the Registrant heading on the right side of the page, enter the new registrant's information.

  6. Click Save Changes.

How can I sell my domain name?

Any domain name you registered with us can be sold or transferred to any party. Transferring domain names does not cost you anything. The party who is receiving the domain name registration transfers must set up an account with us.

Transferring domain names to another registrant removes the domain name from your list of registered domain names and places it in the new registrant's account.

Domain Name Registration Transfer

  1. Log in at the domain name registration home page.

  2. From the Domain Names menu, click Manage Domains.

  3. Select the check box for the domain you want to sell, and then click Change Account.

  4. In the right pane, type the new registrant's information.

  5. Click Save Changes.

The NEW REGISTRANT will be notified by email with instructions on how to complete the process and assume registration of the domain name.


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